FAIR Data Commons Demonstrators
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This page is provided for demonstration purposes to give a first impression on what can be achieved by using services from the FAIR Data Commons Portfolio. It offers a growing number of generic demonstrator UIs, which can be also deployed elsewhere if they already fit your purpose. Otherwise, they may serve as basis for implementing domain-specific user interfaces based on the underlying base services and their functionalities. For more information about a particular service, please visit our FAIR Data Commons Portfolio Webpage or contact us if you have further questions.

Before you start trying out one the demonstrators listed below, we want to provide you with some information about this setup. All demonstrators are meant to be used for testing purposes and therefore come with some limitations, which are:

  • Request sizes are limited to 100MB and have a timeout of 5 seconds.
  • There is only one user ( demo, demo) for demonstrators requiring to login for certain operations. Thus, your uploaded data is also visible to others.
  • All demonstrators are reset automatically every day at midnight (CET). So don't expect your data to be available the next day.
Finally, some closing remarks. We kindly urge you to use all offered demonstrators following the guiding principle of FAIR USE. This means that you should behave in such a way that no one else is disturbed, hindered or affected in any other way by their own activities. If you are interested in testing special aspects of underlying services, which go not in line with FAIR USE, e.g., throughput or scalability, please contact us.
Manage and access your research data described by DataCite metadata.
BaseRepo Search UI
An exemplary search UI for metadata within information indexed by the BaseRepo instance of this demonstrator.
Manage and access your metadata schemas and documents.
MetaStore Search UI
An exemplary search UI for metadata within information indexed by the MetaStore instance of this demonstrator.
A basic search UI for querying FAIR Digital Objects indexed by the Typed PID Maker instance of this demonstrator.
FDO Builder UI
A graphical way to build FDOs on top of the Typed PID Maker.
FAIR-DOscope is an easy-to-use, generic FAIR Digital Object viewer and browser.
Monitoring UI
A clean and extensive monitoring UI for the demonstrator's backend services.
Only for internal use.